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  1. Aluminium gallium arsenide is used as a barrier material in GaAs based heterostructure devices.
  2. Aluminium gallium arsenide ( AlGaAs ) is used in high-power infrared laser diodes.
  3. Examples for material systems used are gallium arsenide ( GaAs ) and aluminium gallium arsenide ( AlGaAs ) or other compound semiconductors.
  4. At this time, the transistor laser had a 14-layer structure including aluminium gallium arsenide optical confining layers and indium gallium arsenide quantum wells.
  5. One commonly-used pair of materials is gallium arsenide ( GaAs ) with aluminium gallium arsenide ( Al x Ga ( 1-x ) As ).
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  7. For example, gallium arsenide, aluminium gallium arsenide, and aluminium arsenide have almost equal lattice constants, making it possible to grow almost arbitrarily thick layers of one on the other one.
  8. Materials used for the substrate include silicon, gallium arsenide, and indium phosphide, while silicon / silicon-germanium alloys, aluminium gallium arsenide / gallium arsenide, and indium phosphide / indium gallium arsenide are used for the epitaxial layers.
  9. "' Aluminium arsenide "'or "'aluminum arsenide "'( ) is a semiconductor material with almost the same lattice constant as gallium arsenide and aluminium gallium arsenide and wider band gap than gallium arsenide . ( ) can form a superlattice with gallium arsenide ( ) which results in its semiconductor properties.

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