aluminium foundry in a sentence

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  1. After the war Masselot and his sons started an aluminium foundry.
  2. The aluminium foundry industry uses olivine sand to cast objects in aluminium.
  3. Most aluminium foundries use either electric resistance or gas heated crucible furnaces or reverberatory furnaces.
  4. The council did not grant planning permission for another building; the expansion was therefore moved to neighbouring Kiikka, where an iron foundry and aluminium foundry were set up under the name Kiikan Metalli Oy in 1962.
  5. A popular route from Antananrivo to Tulear in the south passes through several towns noted for their handicraft : Ambatolampy ( aluminium foundry ), Antsirab?( gemstones, embroidery, toys ), Ambositra ( marquetry ), and Fianarantsoa.
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  7. The following 1998 / 1999 season was greeted with financial troubles, after the privatisation of the aluminium foundry meant that it was taken over by the company " Impexmetal SA ", who decided to withdraw their support for the local football club.

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