altinex in a sentence

  1. Altinex, which manufactures audiovisual equipment, had the software developed in-house.
  2. In 2007, the company acquired Altinex ASA and in 2008, Talisman Oil Denmark.
  3. Altinex then realized that the dealers of their products would benefit from the use of the software.
  4. The idea behind it was to give back to the AV market for many years of supporting Altinex.
  5. In late 2004 Altinex completed a third version of the software and released it free on their website.
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  7. Altinex then tried AutoCAD, but since many customers did not have AutoCAD and the steep learning curve caused that method to fail.
  8. The origins of AVSnap start in 1993 at the inception of Altinex Inc when there were very few vendors that provided software for the AV industry.
  9. In 2009, Altinex began working on an AVSnap web server that works with AVSnap so users can upload their files for others to see and access.
  10. Altinex was looking for a way to provide a development tool that can be used in-house and also provided to its customers for easy exchange of information.
  11. This feature is available for free under license from Altinex Inc . Without the license registration, served pages provide randomly positioned banner requesting user to register the server.
  12. On their website, Altinex Inc . compares AVSnap to Autodesk's AutoCAD and StarDraw saying that AVSnap is affordable, simple to use, and has excellent AV functionality.
  13. "' Altinex "'was an oil company with exploration and production licences in undeveloped sectors of the North Sea with licences in Norway, the United Kingdom, Germany, Denmark and Oman.

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