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  1. In Berat Altin Dardha's rule was even more severe.
  2. 2015 saw Altin starring in two films Narcopolis and Child 44.
  3. The album was also released on vinyl by Altin Village & Mine Records.
  4. The colors issue has also surfaced at Columbus, Altin Kamberaj, 17, said.
  5. Albania's only chance came in the 44th minute when Altin Rraklli narrowly missed.
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  7. Altin said the waters were waist high.
  8. Finland keeper Antti Niemi also foiled good scoring chances by Albania's Altin Rrakli.
  9. The Albanians got a second penalty when Dietel Eilts challenged Altin Haxhi in thre 6nd minute.
  10. Altin Haxhi passed on to Albanian forward Igli Tare, who made it 2-0.
  11. Ervin Skela leveled two minutes later when he fired home from a cross by Altin Rraklli.
  12. In 2008, Seslisozluk . com reached the finals at Altin Orumcek Best Web Awards Contest.
  13. Under coach Altin Lala he played every minute of this round as Albania U19 was eliminated.
  14. Albania's only chance came in the 44th minute when Altin Rraklli narrowly missed a goal.
  15. Altin Rraklli scored Albania's goal in the 58th minute off a pass from fellow forward Indrit Fortuzi.
  16. Subs : Rudi Vata, Artan Vila, Altin Gallo, Bajram Fraholli, Ilir Alliu, Erjon Bogdani.
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