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  1. "This is the test where we really start to put our heads down and concern ourselves with the task at hand, " said Steve Altimus, the NASA test director.
  2. Based on morphological similarities, Jack Garrick in 1982 grouped this species with the bignose shark ( " C . altimus " ) and the sandbar shark ( " C . plumbeus " ), while Leonard Compagno in 1988 placed it as the sister species of the grey reef shark ( " C . amblyrhynchos " ).
  3. When she replied it had, Richey told her, " if he couldn't have me, that nobody would * * * . " Altimus reported that Richey, as he looked over the fire damage, drank a beer, laughed, and said, " It looks like I did a helluva good job, don't it ."
  4. Price became upset, and Richey told her, " Well, instead of blowing it up, I'll torch A Section . " Price recalled that Richey said, " Before the night is over, part of A Building is going to burn down . " Shirley Baker also recalls Richey saying, " A Building was going to burn * * * . " Juanita Altimus, while just outside her own apartment, overheard Richey say on the landing, " Building A was going to burn tonight ."
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