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  1. Altimira with a few faithful neophytes fled to Mission San Rafael Arc醤gel.
  2. On April 4, 1824, Passion Sunday, Father Altimira proudly dedicated his church.
  3. The distribution of Charlie Chaplin silent films were introduced by the Spanish businessman Jose Altimira.
  4. Altimira decided there was a better place to build on the other side of the valley.
  5. Altimira, with military escorts, began exploring north of the Bay for a suitable mission site.
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  7. Altimira obeyed and the month of September saw continuing negotiations between California s civil and religious leaders.
  8. Just after starting he received a letter from Father-President Sarria who refused Altimira permission to continue building.
  9. Buenaventura Fortuni, an aging Spanish Franciscan who had been working at Mission San Jos? was assigned to replace Altimira.
  10. Altimira with soldiers and neophytes primarily from Mission San Francisco de As韘 returned to the Sonoma area near the end of August.
  11. In Arg黣llo's tenure one new mission was founded : Mission San Francisco Solano ( California ) on July 4, 1823 by Father Jose Altimira.
  12. In December 2006, a rotational light curve of " Lina " was obtained by American astronomer Robert Buchheim at Altimira Observatory ( ) in California.
  13. A subsequent study at the Altimira Observatory during 2010 was in agreement with this estimate, yielding a rotation period of 14.208 ?0.040 hours.
  14. Altimira would be its minister but Mission San Francisco de As韘 would not be closed and the San Rafael asistencia had already been designated as a full mission ( Mission San Rafael Arc醤gel ).
  15. Padre Jos?Altimira, the founder of Mission San Francisco Solano, wrote in his diary on June 27, 1823, " Tolay Lake so called for the Chief of the Indians ".
  16. The last of the state's missions established _ and the only one founded without Franciscan approval _ the original mission was burned by angry American Indians unhappy with Father Jose Altimira's rigid administration.

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