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  1. Among the important findings, based on altimetry and photos were:
  2. Altimetry can help locate these hazardous materials.
  3. She specializes in using gravity and laser altimetry measurements to determine interior structure and evolution.
  4. The altimetry experiment of " Magellan " confirmed the general character of the landscape.
  5. Despite the relatively flat landscape of Venus, the altimetry data also found large inclined plains.
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  7. More recent missions use laser altimetry and gravity measurements instead of pressure to define elevation on Mars.
  8. With OSTM / Jason-2, ocean altimetry makes the transition from research into operational mode.
  9. She used satellite altimetry data from SEASAT, subsidence, and the isostatic compensation of seamount chains.
  10. Sea level can also be measured by satellites using radar altimetry, contributing to a more accurate geoid.
  11. Recent rise in sea levels has been monitored by tide gauges and satellite altimetry ( e . g.
  12. Methods for measuring retreat include staking terminus location, global positioning mapping, aerial mapping and laser altimetry.
  13. This allowed global imaging and altimetry coverage from 60?south to 60?north, over a total of 300 orbits.
  14. The ability of high-resolution laser altimetry to accurately identify and evaluate watershed and channel characteristics will be investigated.
  15. He suggested that further searches for ocean terraces, based on the surveyor's altimetry data, could prove conclusive.
  16. The best known satellites equipped with DORIS receivers are the altimetry satellites TOPEX / Poseidon, Jason 1 and Jason 2.
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