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  1. This can reveal the presence of particular alternatively spliced mRNAs.
  2. Two alternatively spliced mRNA isoforms correspond to the inclusion / exclusion of the C-terminal and the reductase domains.
  3. This continuity is seen throughout the 5 UTR in all alternatively spliced mRNAs, with the exception in splice variant 4.
  4. The production of alternatively spliced mRNAs is regulated by a system of trans-acting proteins that bind to cis-acting sites on the primary transcript itself.
  5. Consequently, the proteins translated from alternatively spliced mRNAs will contain differences in their amino acid sequence and, often, in their biological functions ( see Figure ).
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  7. The thymopoetin ( TMPO ) gene encodes three alternatively spliced mRNAs encoding proteins of 75 kDa ( alpha ), 51 kDa ( beta ) and 39 kDa ( gamma ) which are ubiquitously expressed in all cells.
  8. ICAD is encoded by alternatively spliced mRNAs which generate long ( ICAD-L ) and short ( ICAD-S ) forms of ICAD . Therefore, ICAD has a double function; it acts as a CAD inhibitor and also as a chaperone for CAD synthesis assisting the correct assembly of the protein.

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