alternative weekly in a sentence

  1. The character of Zippy the Pinhead initially appeared in alternative weeklies.
  2. Changing reader habits are also spurring the rising popularity of alternative weeklies.
  3. There are few listings in the entertainment sections of the alternative weeklies.
  4. The Sun is recognized as the alternative weekly for the Sonoma Valley.
  5. Editorial positions at alternative weeklies are predominantly libertarian, alt-weeklies.
  6. It's difficult to find alternative weekly in a sentence.
  7. The Association of Alternative Newsmedia is the alternative weeklies'trade association.
  8. He advertises for talent in an alternative weekly newspaper.
  9. They're even advertised in the alternative weekly.
  10. It's probably one of the most reliable free alternative weekly newspapers.
  11. Both said the purchase by a media giant constituted a vindication of alternative weeklies.
  12. In response, Fossedal resolved to start an alternative weekly paper of his own.
  13. She moved to Chicago to study art history and began writing reviews for alternative weeklies.
  14. stable of seven alternative weekly newspapers, including
  15. The " River Cities Reader " is the area's alternative weekly.
  16. In the wild world of the alternative weekly, she seems a bit of an anomaly.
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