alternative weekly newspaper in a sentence

  1. He advertises for talent in an alternative weekly newspaper.
  2. It's probably one of the most reliable free alternative weekly newspapers.
  3. stable of seven alternative weekly newspapers, including
  4. Launched in 1969, it is one of the oldest alternative weekly newspapers in the country.
  5. He is the former arts editor and editor in chief of the alternative weekly newspaper Isthmus.
  6. It's difficult to find alternative weekly newspaper in a sentence.
  7. In 1967, he acted as co-editor for the newly created Georgia Straight alternative weekly newspaper.
  8. An alternative weekly newspaper has gleefully admitted to fabricating a news event and tricking the news media into covering it.
  9. The Village Voice and seven other alternative weekly newspapers owned by real estate billionaire Leonard Stern are on the block.
  10. The Village Voice had remained one of the few holdouts among alternative weekly newspapers to remain a paid-circulation publication.
  11. The " Fort Worth Weekly " is an alternative weekly newspaper that serves the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex.
  12. "' Meredith Holmes "'is an American author and writer for ezines and an alternative weekly newspaper.
  13. It turns out, however, the letter is a major league hoax being conducted by an alternative weekly newspaper in Miami.
  14. In addition to its online audience, the strip is also self-syndicated to print, targeted at alternative weekly newspapers.
  15. English entertainment reporter and writer Robin Leach has reviewed and featured Taya several times in the free alternative weekly newspaper Las Vegas Weekly
  16. In October 2009, Warren was named the publisher of the " Chicago Reader " alternative weekly newspaper in Chicago.
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