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  1. After the loss of said weapon, he uses his as an alternative weapon.
  2. Upgrades provide alternative weapons or attacks to each class.
  3. Recent times saw changes within Ecuadors foreign policy and it decided to look for alternative weapon suppliers.
  4. He also designed the Bakugan Termination System and is currently developing the Alternative Weapon system for King Zenoheld.
  5. Dutch police may soon be armed with an alternative weapon to the baton or the pistol-cans of pepper spray.
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  7. But it wants to ensure some leeway for using land mines in Korea until an alternative weapon can be developed.
  8. As of " Ultimate Weapon ", he has finished the Alternative Weapon system ( which he based on Farbros ).
  9. At the end of New Vestroia he destroys the alternative weapon system with the help of his friends and allies.
  10. We maintain that we need antipersonnel land mines until threats from North Korea disappear or a new alternative weapon is developed,
  11. The inadequacy of the police's firepower led to criticism in the press, and on 12 January 1911 several alternative weapons were tested.
  12. When controlling the craft players can fire the craft's main weapons, fire alternative weapons such as missiles, or launch shuttlecraft filled with marines.
  13. In episode 48, Mylene is ordered by Zenoheld to retrieve the Brawlers Battle Gear data and DNA code for the Alternative Weapons system.
  14. In " Payback ", when Lync copies the plans for the Vexos'new Alternative Weapon system, Hydron follows Lync and defeats him in a brawl.
  15. After Professor Clay told him about how he could rule over all dimensions he had Clay create the Alternative Weapon to destroy Earth and Vestal.
  16. The alternative weapons include the H & K G36C . Like the previous installments, players progress through the game choosing between three missions which vary in difficulty.
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