alternative way in a sentence

"alternative way" in Chinese  
  1. Brainstorm with your assistant about alternative ways to meet her needs.
  2. They have to look at alternative ways to beat Pedro Martinez.
  3. They will need to find alternative ways to meet with others.
  4. They're looking for alternative ways to get business done.
  5. There are alternative ways to get any kind of work done,
  6. It's difficult to find alternative way in a sentence.
  7. The opposition should devise an alternative way to fight the government.
  8. The Torrens title system is an alternative way of proving ownership.
  9. Other celebrity fans have donated to the show in alternative ways.
  10. An alternative way is by getting a license through Fashion Shop.
  11. :: I tried an alternative way to find the answer.
  12. Concerns remain about alternative ways to capture and disseminate the image.
  13. They attempt to dissuade openness to alternative ways of social organizing.
  14. What alternative way can I use to log unto this site?
  15. Thursday Teller himself suggested several alternative ways of dealing with asteroid threats.
  16. The city itself has become an alternative way of life.
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