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  1. alternative vote, where voters number their first three choices among the candidates.
  2. (7 ) The 1952 and 1953 elections used the alternative voting system.
  3. The Alternative Vote ( AV ) system set for 5 May 2011.
  4. The vote took place alongside the United Kingdom Alternative Vote referendum, 2011.
  5. Ghose was National Chair of the unsuccessful 2011 UK Alternative Vote referendum.
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  7. In his personal life, Rik Mayall did not support the alternative vote.
  8. IRV is usually referred to in the UK as the'Alternative Vote'or'AV '.
  9. The election was an all-member ballot using the alternative vote system.
  10. Zephaniah appeared in literature to support changing the Alternative Vote referendum in 2011.
  11. Last year, Congress voted down an FEC request to study alternative voting methods.
  12. In both provinces the alternative vote ( AV ) was used in rural areas.
  13. The United Farmers of Alberta passed legislation in 1924 that changed both Alternative Vote.
  14. After the Alternative Vote system or retaining the current one.
  15. The second was the United Kingdom Alternative Vote referendum, 2011.
  16. It reported in October 1998 and suggested the Alternative vote top-up or AV + system.
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