alternative vote systems in a sentence

  1. After the Alternative Vote system or retaining the current one.
  2. (7 ) The 1952 and 1953 elections used the alternative voting system.
  3. The election was an all-member ballot using the alternative vote system.
  4. Both were rejected in alternative vote system.
  5. Voting was by alternative vote system.
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  7. The party has both a male and female co-leader, currently Metiria Turei and alternative vote system.
  8. Elections must be held within three months of a vacancy occurring and take place under the Alternative Vote system.
  9. Alternative Vote system was granted as part of the Conservative  Liberal Democrat coalition agreement, but not AV +.
  10. One of the last acts of the coalition government was to introduce an alternative voting system, which was implemented for the 1952 general election.
  11. In the referendum, the Alternative Vote system was rejected by 67 % to 33 %, and therefore all reforms regarding the voting system were dropped.
  12. The number of peers to be chosen by a political group reflects the proportion of hereditary peers that belonged to that group ( see Alternative Vote system being used.
  13. Five candidates were successfully nominated to stand in the deputy leadership election : Ben Bradshaw, Stella Creasy, Angela Eagle, Caroline Flint, and alternative vote system.
  14. The government backed one of Martin's amendments in February 2010 which puts the Labour party's commitment to a referendum on the alternative vote system into legislation.
  15. It includes subjects like voting rights acts, direct democracy by way of ballot initiatives, the history and function of the Electoral College, campaign financing and alternative voting systems.
  16. Failing that, then the top three candidates from the second round would go forward to a third and final round which would elect a party leader using the alternative vote system.
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