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  1. Fuelling the debate have been alternative visions or paradigms of mental illness.
  2. Murayama might disagree, but he has yet to offer an alternative vision.
  3. The women in the novel are the moral center of Matto's alternative vision.
  4. Better still, they should base their stories on new, alternative visions of development.
  5. Now, I think the alternative vision out there is destructive of the future we want.
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  7. An alternative vision of computing, Ellison's system would centralize the storage of information.
  8. But the alternative visions that are beginning to be offered are not coming from the streets.
  9. Further they outlined an alternative vision to neo-classicism based on a rationalist theory of knowledge.
  10. This in turn led to the adoption of alternative visions of modernity popular in the Western world.
  11. However, the purpose of the network is to bring alternative visions and information into international view.
  12. The authors keen briefly over the passing of hierarchical organization and propose an alternative vision : the fishnet.
  13. So the alternative vision of a 24-hour community was developed, and it is actually happening.
  14. Some issues remain so divisive that the authors chose to offer competing alternative visions or to defer them.
  15. The report was an alternative vision to the BC Liberal plan for Greater Vancouver long term transportation planning.
  16. The first historian to develop an alternative vision to the mainstream historiography was probably Giacinto de'Sivo.
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