alternative views in a sentence

  1. The alternative view also accords to government a subtly different role.
  2. He offers an alternative view of the effect of such financing.
  3. An alternative view is that abuse arises from powerlessness and violence.
  4. An alternative view has more recently come to light, however.
  5. His London Metropolitan Tabernacle of 1861 dramatically illustrated this alternative view.
  6. It's difficult to find alternative views in a sentence.
  7. Locher offered an alternative view on the franc, lira and peseta.
  8. You're talking about the disappearance of alternative views.
  9. She highlights the alternative views of globalization created by feminists.
  10. There are no critical or alternative views or evaluations available?
  11. Some modern historians, however, take an alternative view.
  12. Alternative views of the effects of praise on motivation exist.
  13. We wanted to get an alternative view out before the upcoming legislative session.
  14. Westerners might find this alternative view of Mugabe jarring.
  15. Again an alternative view using convolution can be helpful.
  16. The alternative views should not be given equal billing.
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