alternative versions in a sentence

"alternative versions" in Chinese  
  1. They can easily be turned into alternative version DCPs for foreign territories.
  2. An alternative version, possibly a bootleg recording, exists and is viewable online.
  3. Historical and / or alternative versions, where included, are noted as such.
  4. Both sides doing alternative versions is the " worst possible solution ."
  5. An alternative version of the IBAF's extra inning rule was also used.
  6. It's difficult to find alternative versions in a sentence.
  7. An alternative version of the IBAF's extra inning rule was also introduced.
  8. suggested an alternative version of merge sort that uses constant additional space.
  9. Two alternative versions of " Egyptian Cream " appear as bonus tracks.
  10. :Curiously, there is no alternative version of Kazuki Yotsuga in this world.
  11. She called Fierstein's alternative version " Edna's interpretation of Mrs . Claus ."
  12. Ms . Poulton's edition includes 103 pieces, plus eight alternative versions.
  13. Each disjunction inside it represents an alternative version of the condition.
  14. An alternative version uses snaps instead of ties and closes at the front.
  15. Attempts to create alternative versions to the official London Underground map have continued.
  16. The alternative version would have saved somewhat less money than the Republican bill.
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