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  1. This offence is an alternative verdict under section 12 ( 4 ) which provides:
  2. Originally, the proviso allowed the jury to find an alternative verdict of this offence on a charge of murder.
  3. Second, it was argued that manslaughter should have been available to the jury as an alternative verdict to murder.
  4. The offence created by section 12 ( 1 ) of the Theft Act 1968 ( TWOC ) is available an alternative verdict on an indictment for theft.
  5. The jury, which deliberated for nine hours Tuesday and Wednesday, rejected two alternative verdicts _ guilty but mentally ill and not guilty by reason of insanity.
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  7. The Act specified common assault as an alternative verdict to a count on an aggravated assault in the Crown Court, though it is not itself an indictable offence.
  8. Those laws add a fourth option to the traditional alternative verdicts of guilty, not guilty and not guilty by reason of insanity in cases in which defendants plead insanity.
  9. In England and Wales, it was subsequently extended to allow the jury to find an alternative verdict of this offence on a charge of child destruction or a charge of infanticide.
  10. On the trial of an indictment for capital murder, the jury could not return an alternative verdict to the offence charged in that indictment under section 6 ( 2 ) of the Criminal Law Act ( Northern Ireland ) 1967.
  11. In some jurisdictions this has been addressed by statute; see, for example, s . 124, " Crimes Act " 1900 ( NSW ) allowing a jury to reach an alternative verdict of " fraudulent appropriation ".
  12. Common assault is now available as an alternative verdict under section 6 ( 3 ) of the Criminal Law Act 1967, by virtue of section 6 ( 3A ) of that Act ( which was inserted by section 11 of the Domestic Violence, Crime and Victims Act 2004 ).
  13. That attempting to cause grievous bodily harm must be an alternative verdict should the intended victim not die would be a strange outcome because there is no intention to cause any long-lasting and serious injury : the two attempted offences have different " mens rea " requirements so that proof of intent to murder would not necessarily meet the requirement for section 18 of the 1861 Act.

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