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  1. Most scopes have one of two mounts : equatorial or altazimuth.
  2. The telescope, in an altazimuth mount, began operation in October 2002.
  3. More recent large telescopes have instead adopted the more compact and mechanically stable altazimuth mount.
  4. Besides the mechanical inability to easily follow celestial motion the altazimuth mount does have other limitations.
  5. The telescope has an altazimuth mount.
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  7. An equatorial mount, which allows curving motion, is superior to the altazimuth mount for astronomical viewing.
  8. This is accomplished by using either altazimuth telescope mounts to keep celestial objects centered while the earth rotates.
  9. Its Equatorial mount is what sets it apart from most other radio telescopes, most of which have an Altazimuth mount.
  10. Its chief instrument was a large altazimuth on Steinheil's principle, but there are no records of observations made with it.
  11. The CLASS array will consist of two altazimuth mounts that will allow the telescopes to be pointed to observe different patches of sky.
  12. Note, the Special Astrophysical Observatory of the Russian Academy of Science ( ) with its Large Altazimuth Telescope is also located near Zelenchukskaya.
  13. Because of this, equatorial mounts become less viable in very large telescopes and have been pretty much replaced by altazimuth mounts for those applications.
  14. Look for an altazimuth mount with slow-motion knobs to make precise adjustments to keep the tracking from one object to the next pretty smooth.
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  16. The altazimuth is the simplest mount with two motions, altitude ( up and down or vertical ) and azimuth ( side to side or horizontal ).
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