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  1. Alpine ash is a member of the Stringybark Group of eucalypts.
  2. Alpine ash often grows in naturally occurring pure stands and regenerates only from seed.
  3. The Bago State Forest between Batlow and Tumbarumba contains stands of alpine ash and radiata pine.
  4. The lower reaches of the mountain are dominated by Alpine Ash forests, which merge into Snowgum Woodlands above approximately.
  5. Alpine ash requires very high rainfall by Australian standards & mdash; over per year and snow or frosts during the winter months.
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  7. Between alpine ash and mountain gum dominate and abruptly change to sub-alpine snow gum woodlands, heath, grasslands and bogs between.
  8. The two valuable timber trees, alpine ash " E . regnans ", are killed by fire and only regenerate from seed.
  9. The adult stonefly lives within rolled pieces of alpine ash bark suspended in low vegetation along natural drainage courses and in the vicinity of streams.
  10. Moist sites have alpine ash, mountain gum, narrow-leaved peppermint, manna gum and brown barrel, with tree ferns, blackwood and sassafras in gullies.
  11. In cool mountainous areas it forms tall open-forest with other " Eucalyptus " species such as " E . delegatensis " ( alpine ash ).
  12. While occasional fires do not severely impact alpine ash forest, repeated fires in the same area can destroy stands because it takes roughly twenty years for seedlings to reach sexual maturity.
  13. They have a taller eucalyptus overstory than dry sclerophyll forests, 30 metres or more ( typically alpine ash, messmate stringybark or manna gum ), and a soft-leaved, fairly dense understory ( tree ferns are common ).
  14. The black currawong is generally found in wetter eucalypt forests, dominated by such species as alpine ash ( " Eucalyptus delegatensis " ), messmate ( " Mount Wellington, on Hobart's outskirts, in winter.
  15. Wet sclerophyll forest is found growing on the western mountainous parts of the ACT where rain fall is higher and the ground is more elevated . " E . fastigata " ( brown barrel ) and " Eucalyptus delegatensis " ( alpine ash ) dominate the forest.
  16. The species are also widely known by their common names . " Eucalyptus obliqua " is known as stringybark or messmate, " Eucalyptus regnans " is known as mountain ash, and the closely related " Eucalyptus delegatensis " is known as alpine ash or woollybutt.
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