alongside of in a sentence

"alongside of" meaning  "alongside of" in Chinese  
  1. This puts me more in a category alongside of guys like that,
  2. There are cherry blossom roads alongside of Seongnae stream and Jangjicheon stream.
  3. Just about as many officers marched or rode bicycles alongside of them.
  4. The centres were promoted through the underground press alongside of the Release.
  5. She also slowed down, allowing another car to pull alongside of her.
  6. It's difficult to find alongside of in a sentence.
  7. Then I saw Real Quiet draw alongside of us and pull away.
  8. It is frequently mentioned alongside of Veii, Falerii and Lucus Feroniae.
  9. Paul Carabello, former guitarist in The Ataris, co-engineered the album alongside of John.
  10. Pupation takes place within a cocoon alongside of the midrib of a pinna.
  11. As she read the Bible alongside of the Quran, she began questioning her beliefs.
  12. Alongside of Swamithoppe, it attracts a huge amount of devotees annually across southern India.
  13. Alongside of Anyer to Karang Bolong, you will found so many cottages and hotels.
  14. Other vessels servicing the settlement included coal barges which docked alongside of the causeway.
  15. "Yeah, " he replied, " get alongside of him and honk the horn ."
  16. Eventually seals were impressed into the clay alongside of the impression of the tokens.
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