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  1. By alongshore winds, upwelling current flows to the coast.
  2. In most cases, sediments are deposited near the river mouth or are transported in the alongshore direction due to wave forcing.
  3. Cedar waxwings flutter over the pond to catch bugs, then return to a branch alongshore and preen their glossy feathers . . ..
  4. Habitat for the young fish is predominately alongshore backwaters and associated shorelines of more alluvial reaches of the turbulent and turbid rivers of the Colorado system.
  5. "' Lac-Sergent "'is a community situated alongshore the lake by the same name in Portneuf Regional County Municipality in the Canadian province of Quebec.
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  7. They were " designed specifically as a ships boat but it became so well known and so common a type that it not only was used alongshore but influenced the design of some local fishing boats ".
  8. Discovered by Lord Kelvin, coastal Kelvin waves are trapped close to coasts and propagate along coasts in the Northern Hemisphere such that the coast is to the right of the alongshore direction of propagation ( and to the left in the Southern Hemisphere ).
  9. A bit under an hour after " Britannia " had gone to general quarters, she " . . . saw a stranger on our port quarter running alongshore . " The Union warship " . . . put the helm hard aport and went ahead fast, and fired as soon as the guns would bear.
  10. It was from reading " Striper Moon, " for example, that I learned that a marvelously effective way to catch striped bass was by simply casting my fly from the beach into the alongshore current of Vineyard Sound off Martha's Vineyard and letting it swing about, without retrieving it, until it straightened out below me.

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