along with in a sentence

"along with" meaning  "along with" in Chinese  
  1. The new wheels replace those that have become worn along with the
  2. Mauresmo will be making her Hong Kong debut along with Kuznetsova.
  3. It left along with the modesty that defined his early success.
  4. Along with the missile launches came two sets of war games.
  5. He committed 13 double faults to go along with 13 aces.
  6. It's difficult to find along with in a sentence.
  7. Other churches also offered shelter and supplies along with spiritual guidance.
  8. They are demanding a 20 percent raise along with better pensions.
  9. Perhaps Bernard Ginestet could have recovered along with the wine trade.
  10. It is put into the can along with compressed butane gas.
  11. This will serve four to six along with this side dish:
  12. He added that one rebel was captured along with his gun.
  13. Whether the criticism comes along with it remains to be seen.
  14. I would have liked to get the win along with it.
  15. Most went along with the theory of extortion that Navarrete proposed.
  16. Many reservists carry a grudge along with their rifles and gear.
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