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"alluvial flat" meaning  "alluvial flat" in Chinese  
  1. This landform is characterised by rugged strike ridges separated by alluvial flats.
  2. The country is mostly alluvial flats that support a variety of grasses.
  3. Alluvial flats and peat bogs occupy much of the centre of Somerset.
  4. Darby River is the second major river, with extensive alluvial flats and meanders.
  5. It grows better in acidic soils and alluvial flats near rivers.
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  7. It grows on alluvial flats, hillslopes and ridges.
  8. The alluvial flats and black soil plains support rich stands of buffel which make good grazing feed.
  9. Vegetable growing is still a major industry on the rich alluvial flats of the Mitchell river around Lindenow.
  10. The river has developed extensive flood plains with sweeping graceful meanders and low alluvial flats and meander terraces.
  11. There are four main habitats contained with the park : riverine, alluvial flats, rocky hills, and clay plains.
  12. The common pine forms forests on sandbanks of ancient alluvial flats, sand terraces of river valleys, stagnant peaty soil.
  13. Lokori also includes alluvial flats characterized by large wadis, rivers, and flood zones anywhere from meters to kilometers in length.
  14. The property, mostly comprising rich alluvial flats, was divided into 7 paddocks and was devoted to fattening bullocks, dairying and horse-breeding.
  15. The alluvial flats along Branch and Cedar Creeks were taken up for corn and vegetable growing, bananas, pineapples, dairying and piggeries.
  16. Blackwood was created to protect Brigalow Belt plant communities and includes landscapes of rugged hills and gorges, stony ridges and alluvial flats.
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