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  1. This rises to the flat alluvial fan that covers most of Hamilton.
  2. Examples of continental environments are lagoons, lakes, swamps, floodplains and alluvial fans.
  3. These are often found in alluvial fans at the outlet of canyons.
  4. Typical aggradational environments include lowland alluvial rivers, river deltas, and alluvial fans.
  5. The flood's alluvial fan can still be seen on Fall River Road.
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  7. The created alluvial fan dammed the Adda River and created a lake.
  8. The middle-reach consists mainly of Quaternary period alluvial fans and volcanic rocks.
  9. Phreatophytes are plants that are often concentrated at the base of alluvial fans.
  10. Predominant are places on terraces or alluvial fans if they exist.
  11. Unlike some craters, Oudemans Crater does not have alluvial fans on its floor.
  12. Sedimentary siliciclastic rocks, interpreted as alluvial fan-deformations and multiple metamorphic episodes.
  13. The Etamynk and Khakytsin rivers conversely have formed an alluvial fan.
  14. There are also a few small patches of Wisconsinan Outwash and alluvial fan.
  15. Additionally, an alluvial fan is present in the creek's upper reaches.
  16. However, patches of alluvial fan and a sand and gravel pit are present.
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