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  1. These are mixed with more recent alluvial deposits from the Aude valley.
  2. The Scratchgravel Hills have alluvial deposits on top of faulted granitic bedrock.
  3. Except for recent alluvial deposits, there are no other known Cenozoic rocks.
  4. The alluvial deposits mainly consists of boulders, gravel, sand, silt and clay.
  5. Alluvial deposits were quickly exhausted and from 1868 shallow reef mining occurred.
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  7. Sand and gravel has been mined from the alluvial deposits in recent years.
  8. Downstream of the diversions the creek fans out into alluvial deposits.
  9. Prior to the Roman conquest the indigenous inhabitants obtained gold from alluvial deposits.
  10. Alluvial deposits of thickness of 28 meters, can amplify ground shaking during Tremors.
  11. It can be found in boggy habitats and recent alluvial deposits.
  12. Although the alluvial deposits were quickly exhausted, from 1868 shallow reef mining occurred.
  13. In 1872 This turned out to contain Queensland's richest alluvial deposits.
  14. Passing from open-water the facies change to nearshore and alluvial deposits.
  15. :Originally the Rub'al Khali area was covered in coarse alluvial deposits.
  16. "Gaillardia arizonica " grows in sandy washes and alluvial deposits in desert regions.
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