alloy analyzer in a sentence

  1. The Alloy Analyzer supports the analysis of partial models.
  2. The Alloy Analyzer is designed to perform finite scope checks even on infinite models.
  3. However, the designers of the Alloy Analyzer justify the decision to work within limited scopes through an appeal to the " small scope hypothesis ":
  4. The Alloy Analyzer, and the associated Alloy language, were developed by a team led by Daniel Jackson at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the United States.
  5. Through version 3.0, the Alloy Analyzer incorporated an integral SAT-based model-finder based on an off-the-shelf SAT-solver.
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  7. In order to ensure the model-finding problem is decidable, the Alloy Analyzer performs model-finding over restricted scopes consisting of a user-defined finite number of objects.
  8. In computer science and software engineering, the "'Alloy Analyzer "'is a software tool which can be used to analyze specifications written in the invariants, simulate the execution of operations defined as part of the model, and check user-specified properties of a model.

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