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  1. "Alloxylon brachycarpum " grows as a tree reaching 20 40 m high, with a rough, flaking grey to brown trunk.
  2. "Alloxylon flammeum " can be distinguished from the co-occurring " Alloxylon wickhamii " by its hairy stems and petioles.
  3. "Alloxylon flammeum " can be distinguished from the co-occurring " Alloxylon wickhamii " by its hairy stems and petioles.
  4. Described formally by Mike Crisp in 1991, " A . flammeum " was designated the type species of the genus " Alloxylon ".
  5. ""'Alloxylon " "'is a genus of four species in the Proteaceae family of mainly small to medium-sized trees.
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  7. Previously known as " Oreocallis pinnata " for many years, it was transferred to the new genus " Alloxylon " by Mike Crisp in 1991.
  8. Classified as " near threatened " under the Queensland Nature Conservation Act 1992, " Alloxylon pinnatum " has proven difficult to keep alive in cultivation.
  9. Previously, the genus was considered to have several species on both sides of the Pacific Ocean, however the four Australasian species were reclassified in the genus " Alloxylon ".
  10. Along with members of other genera in the Embothriinae, " A . pinnatum " has crimson pollen, while the other three " Alloxylon " species have yellow pollen.
  11. "Alloxylon brachycarpum " is found in dry rainforest and eucalypt-bamboo forest in southern New Guinea, along the Upper Merauke River, Lower Fly River and Oriomo River, and in the Aru Islands.
  12. Hence it is likely that the ancestral pollen colour was red, and remained so with the emergence of the genus " Alloxylon ", yet changed to yellow after the divergence of " A . pinnatum ".
  13. The genus lies in the subtribe Embothriinae, along with the tree waratahs ( " Alloxylon " ) from eastern Australia and New Caledonia, and " Oreocallis " and Chilean firetree ( " Embothrium coccineum " ) from South America.
  14. As envisioned by Brown, the genus included both South American and Australian species, but in 1991 Peter Weston and Michael Crisp split the Australian species out of " Oreocallis " and placed them in a new genus, " Alloxylon ".
  15. Peter Weston and Mike Crisp of the Royal Botanic Gardens in Sydney reviewed and recognised the Australasian members of the genus " Oreocallis " as distinct from their South American counterparts, and hence reallocated them to the new genus " Alloxylon " in 1991.
  16. Although it is not widely cultivated, " Alloxylon flammeum " has proven to be by far the most hardy and adaptable ( as well as the showiest ) member of the genus " Alloxylon ", Yellowing of new leaves may indicate chlorosis from iron sulphate.
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