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  1. Streptozotocin or alloxan may be administered to induce chronic diabetes in hamsters.
  2. Alloxan was used in the production of the purple dye murexide, discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1776.
  3. The synthesis fails, however, " and the alloxan and its resonant name remained a resonant name ."
  4. Murexide results from the condensation of the unisolated intermediate uramil with alloxan, liberated during the course of the reaction.
  5. Diabetes mellitus can be experimentally induced for research purposes by streptozotocin or alloxan, which are specifically toxic to beta cells.
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  7. A dimeric derivative "'alloxantin "'can be prepared by partial reduction of alloxan with hydrogen sulfide.
  8. The original observation by Strecker involved the use of alloxan as the oxidant in the first step, followed by hydrolysis:
  9. An aqueous extract of aerial parts of the plant has shown a hypoglycemic effect in alloxan-induced diabetic rabbits and mice.
  10. Later, in 1948, while conducting experiments on alloxan effects on rats, Gyorge and Rose noted rats receiving tocopherol supplements suffered from less hemolysis than those that did not receive tocopherol.
  11. Some studies have shown that alloxan is not toxic to the human beta-cell, even in very high doses, probably because of differing glucose uptake mechanisms in humans and rodents.
  12. It may also be prepared by digesting alloxan with alcoholic ammonia at about 78 癈; the purple solid so formed is easily soluble in water, and the solution produced is indistinguishable from one of murexide.
  13. An orally administered hot water extract of " P . pulmonarius " had a significant antihyperglycemic effect, halted the progression of diabetes, and reduced the mortality of alloxan induced diabetic mice by approximately 50 %.
  14. Another recent study with alloxan-induced diabetic rats given an aqueous amla fruit extract has shown significant decrease of the blood glucose, as well as triglyceridemic levels and an improvement of the liver function caused by a normalization of the liver-specific enzyme alanine transaminase activity.
  15. In the chapter " Nitrogen " of his memoir pythons as a source for uric acid for making alloxan, but he is turned down by the director of the Turin zoo because the zoo already has lucrative contracts with pharmaceutical companies, so he is obliged to use chickens as his source of uric acid.

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