allows in a sentence

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  1. All agree that she shows no favoritism and allows no nonsense.
  2. Second, we didn't allow ourselves to point fingers.
  3. Q . How do you decide whether to allow a waiver?
  4. And 11 percent would allow convicts the possibility of earning parole.
  5. Allows jockeys to wear advertisements on their clothing during horse races.
  6. It's difficult to find allows in a sentence.
  7. Allow chutney to cool slightly, then cover tightly and refrigerate.
  8. But the rambunctious cries from the crowd would not allow it.
  9. She didn't allow me to live with my kids.
  10. Most states permit only one year, but some allow two.
  11. Windows 4.0 is supposed to allow fuller file names.
  12. "The Constitution won't allow expropriation or collectivization.
  13. America Online allows new subscribers 10 free hours of connect time.
  14. This allows better flavor concentration and eliminates the need for preservatives.
  15. We will not allow Fidel Castro to dictate our immigration policy.
  16. The new system allows them to order without ever leaving cyberspace.
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