allows for in a sentence

"allows for" in Chinese  
  1. A profit-sharing plan allows for integration with Social Security.
  2. Longer itineraries allow for more sightseeing but also are more expensive.
  3. Its traditions are all-encompassing and allow for few compromises.
  4. We think the current provisions already allow for flexibility and adjustment,
  5. These portraits allow for some wonderful juxtapositions of object and image.
  6. It's difficult to find allows for in a sentence.
  7. Some recipes even allow for the use of baby food prunes.
  8. The containers should be large enough to allow for root growth.
  9. We're in a country that allows for so much.
  10. But that many buttons allow for an infinite number of combinations.
  11. New Jersey's laws actually allow for 135 charter schools.
  12. Film allows for a writer not to have to be there,
  13. What we heard with Dresdner allows for a lot of exuberance,
  14. The cards, however, allow for discounts to pass holders.
  15. Moreover, the . 08 level still allows for considerable consumption.
  16. A plan that allows for variety enables the compromise to work.
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