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  1. He said he withdrew any allowing of Expansion to be on this place.
  2. The appeal may have influenced the allowing of a posthumous referral of the Bentley case.
  3. I see comments that he's a good editor, but that doesn't IMO justify allowing of personal attacks.
  4. Beauty, ugliness, order, confusion are visual properties, indisputable verities that are the same for all viewers allowing of no dispute.
  5. A mother of young children, she was at the forefront of campaigns to make Parliament more child-friendly, including the allowing of breast-feeding.
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  7. Archbishop Lawrence Saldanha of Lahore wrote to the President and Prime Minister of Pakistan and expressed concern over the allowing of Islamic law to be implemented in the area.
  8. The WXC cage is a hexagon structure with walls of metal chain-link fence coated with black vinyl and a diameter of, allowing of space from side to side.
  9. The advent of the five-day week, the allowing of players resident outside their native county to play with that county, transport out of Dublin becoming more easily available.
  10. While it is still considered under federal jurisdiction, recently, changes have been made, such as the allowing of direct elections of the Chief or " mayor " of the District.
  11. Democrats protested the allowing of such personal comments, and they were stricken from the record until Rep . Bob Barr, a Georgia Republican, volunteered to have the statement appear under his name.
  12. She announced the lifting of some sanctions against his country, namely the allowing of imports from the former to the latter after support for the move from the government and the opposition in Myanmar.
  13. Maine Republican Party Chairman Democrats used same-day registration to " intentionally steal elections " and that they had " bused voters " into Maine to vote due to the allowing of same-day registration.
  14. He was helped by the new rules of the 1920s, including the allowing of goals from a corner kick, and the relaxing of the Alex James, Eddie Hapgood, Joe Hulme, and Cliff Bastin.
  15. The right to silence of the accused could well become implicated in this balancing exercise when the judicial officer makes decisions concerning the admissibility of evidence, the allowing of cross-examination, as well as the drawing of inferences.
  16. The allowing of Hmong shamans, the first formal medical policy in regards to the Hmong people in the United States, was a part of a national trend to use the cultural backgrounds of the patients to tailor medical care to them.
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