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  1. The United States'allocation of this wine quickly sold out.
  2. Asset allocation accounts for 90 percent of wealth generation over time,
  3. He said the number of bids over allocation was quite favorable.
  4. Investors can also sell based on an asset-allocation strategy.
  5. Japanese assets should come up short in portfolio allocations in September.
  6. It's difficult to find allocation in a sentence.
  7. The cash allocation was slashed to 15 percent from 25 percent.
  8. Starting last summer, dealers started taking deposits against their allocation.
  9. No opposing comments on the allocation were filed at the agency.
  10. They might include government licenses, land allocation or other arrangements.
  11. Coltman says the allocation of slots among airlines will be critical.
  12. What allocation will take place between family and heirs and society?
  13. Such powerful storage drives are " on allocation,"
  14. The allocation of slots falls under the jurisdiction of the EU.
  15. Top-rated funds include Montgomery Asset Allocation and Westwood Balanced.
  16. The allocation of the money is as important as its magnitude.
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