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  1. Teachers are also protesting moves by Allegre to limit overtime pay.
  2. Allegre has plans to expand the format of the show.
  3. He was 10 when he entered a military school in Porto Allegre.
  4. Moments later, Raul Allegre's fifth field goal won it.
  5. Allegre on Wednesday insisted the government had heard the students.
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  7. But Claude Allegre's own sharp tongue could sabotage his efforts.
  8. Allegre only gave us half of what we asked for.
  9. The students shouted slogans criticizing Education Minister Claude Allegre.
  10. Allegre agreed to meet them later in the day.
  11. Measures would be taken against those who disrupted future demonstrations, Allegre said.
  12. Allegre must resign ! " said one banner.
  13. Allegre, who also serves as the host, recently finished his fifth show.
  14. The acrimony continues in print, but Allegre says he doesn't mind.
  15. Claude Allegre, the former French education minister, complained recently in Le Monde.
  16. Students expressed disappointment Thursday after meeting with Allegre.
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