alivardi khan in a sentence

  1. Alivardi Khan also founded the " Afshar Dynasty ".
  2. The enraged Alivardi Khan then dismissed the shamed Mir Jafar.
  3. Rustam Jung marched against Alivardi Khan but he was defeated.
  4. Alivardi Khan then proclaimed himself as next Nawab of Bengal.
  5. This feat is ascribed by some to Nawab Alivardi Khan.
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  7. Alivardi Khan wished to be buried in his much-loved garden, Khushbagh.
  8. Sarfaraz Khan was defeated and killed in the Battle of Giria by Alivardi Khan.
  9. In 1743, Raghoji Bhonsle attacked Alivardi Khan's forces in Bengal and Bihar.
  10. Alivardi Khan was not a popular ruler.
  11. Alivardi Khan unable to check the raids ceded Odisha to Raghoji Bhonsle I in 1751.
  12. He renamed Calcutta Alinagar after the previous Nawab, and his maternal grandfather, Alivardi Khan.
  13. Alivardi Khan became Nawab of Bengal in April 1740, after defeating and killing Sarfraz Khan.
  14. Nawab Alivardi Khan showed military skill during his wars with the Marathas when they first invaded Bengal.
  15. After capturing Kolkata, Siraj ud-Daula named it Alinagar, after his grandfather Alivardi Khan.
  16. The rebel army was being led by Alivardi Khan with Nandalal and Nawazish Muhammad Khan as his deputys.
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