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  1. Nigerian Deji Alius took the 60 meters in 6.54, just one-hundredths ahead of American Coby Miller.
  2. It's hard to believe Kobec could do this, " said Alius Sadeckas, co-owner of the company.
  3. The "'Uluguru bushshrike "'( " Malaconotus alius " ) is a species of rare bird occurring only in the Uluguru Mountains in Tanzania.
  4. ""'Goniobranchus alius " "'is a species of colourful sea slug, a dorid nudibranch, a marine gastropod mollusc in the family Chromodorididae.
  5. Afterwards, he declares : " " Sic deinde, quicumque alius transiliet moenia mea " " ( " So is it with anyone who leaps over my walls " ).
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  7. Leaving him behind, Asterix and Obelix make contact with Ekonomikrisis'supplier, Samson Alius, who directs them to Babylon on grounds that the rock oil in Jerusalem has been destroyed by the Romans.
  8. She is buried in the Common Burying Ground in Newport, with the inscription on her marker reading, " Here lyeth ye body of Mrs . Frances Vaughan, Alius Clarke, ye mother of ye only children of Capt'n Jeremiah Clarke ."
  9. From the Vulgate, John 5 : 7 : " respondit ei languidus Domine hominem non habeo ut cum turbata fuerit aqua mittat me in piscinam dum venio enim ego alius ante me descendit . . . " What is the grammatical form of " turbata fuerit "?
  10. Gonz醠ez, who also owns a majority of the country's cinemas, The other two major radio chains are Emisoras Unidas ( owned by the Archila family ) and Radio Grupo Alius ( owned by Alfonso Liu ), a chain of Christian stations which does not compete in news or music.
  11. To these should be added the literature of the bestiaries, in which the material of the " Physiologus " was used; the " Tractatus de bestiis et alius rebus ", attributed to Hugo of St . Victor, and the " Speculum naturale " of Vincent of Beauvais.
  12. If " Al-" comes from the first element in Latin " alius ", " the other ", then it is related to English " else " or " alien " and Alemanni means " foreign men ", similar to the Allobroges tribe, whose name means " the aliens ".
  13. The Father is one, the Son is another, and the Spirit is another ( " dico alium esse patrem et alium filium et alium spiritum " " Adv . Praxeam ", ix ), and yet in defending the unity of God, he says the Son is not other ( " alius a patre filius non est ", " Adv . Prax . " 18 ) as a result of receiving a portion of the Father's substance.
  14. In September of that year Samuel Hubbard of Newport wrote to his children in Westerly, " For news, Mr . Vahan is gone to his long home and his wife is like to follow him if not dead . " Frances was buried in the Common Burying Ground in Newport, and on her stone was placed the following inscription, " Here Lyeth ye Body of Mrs . Frances Vaughan, Alius Clarke, ye mother of ye only children of Capt'n Jeremiah Clarke.
  15. Manuscripts, Nero A . II, in the British Museum ), written about the middle of the eighth century, probably by an Irish monk in France, is found perhaps the earliest attribution of the Milan use to St . Ambrose, though it quotes the authority of St . Augustine, probably alluding to the passage already mentioned : " Est et alius cursus quem refert beatus augustinus episcopus quod beatus ambrosius propter hereticorum ordinem dissimilem composuit quem in italia antea de cantabatur " ( There is yet another Cursus which the blessed Bishop Augustine says that the blessed Ambrose composed because of the existence of a different use of the heretics, which previously used to be sung in Italy ).
  16. Examples are what is called the creed of Pope Damasus I, Ambrose of Milan ( " one of the earliest witnesses to the explicit affirmation of the Spirit's procession from the Father " and " the Son " ), Augustine of Hippo ( whose writings on the Trinity " became the foundation of subsequent Latin trinitarian theology and later served as the foundation for the doctrine of the " filioque " " ) . and Leo I, who qualified as " impious " those who say " there is not one who begat, another who is begotten, another who proceeded from both [ alius qui de utroque processerit ] "; he also accepted the Council of Chalcedon, with its reaffirmation of the in its original " from the Father " form, as much later did his successor Pope Leo III who professed his faith in the teaching expressed by the " Filioque ", while opposing its inclusion in the Creed.

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