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  1. The end of Tallis's " Spem in alium " contains an example.
  2. He was a choral volunteer in Tallis'40-part choral work " Spem In Alium ".
  3. Tallis is mostly remembered for his role in composing office hymns and this motet, " Spem in alium ".
  4. Cardiff's manipulation of " Spem in Alium, " a complex choral work by the 16th-century composer Thomas Tallis.
  5. In 1965, he made his famous recording, with the Choir of King's College, of Tallis's Spem in alium.
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  7. In 2007 he was commissioned by the Tallis Festival to write a 40-part companion piece to Thomas Tallis's'Spem in alium '.
  8. In February this year, the choir joined with The Tallis Scholars to perform Tallis'40-voice motet Spem in alium in City Recital Hall Angel Place.
  9. Only Tallis, however, seems to have been inspired to match or out-do it, with his 40-voice " Spem in alium ".
  10. Langridge remembered with particular pleasure a performance in Orford church of Thomas Tallis's forty-part motet " Spem in alium ", on 2 July 1963.
  11. Its motto is " Qui facit per alium facit per se ", usually taken to mean " He who does things for others does them for himself ".
  12. A London-based choral festival, the Tallis Festival, inspired by " Spem in alium ", commissioned both M鋘tyj鋜vi and McGarr to compose in this genre.
  13. In May 2012, the Choir performed a joint concert of Tallis's 40-part motet, Spem in alium, with internationally acclaimed consort, The Tallis Scholars.
  14. In 2012, the choir sang with The Tallis Scholars performance of Tallis's forty stave motet Spem in Alium, conducted by Peter Phillips at St David's Hall.
  15. Following the death in 1949 of Morley's principal, Carmina Burana ", and Thomas Tallis's rarely performed 40-part motet " Spem in alium ".
  16. It was the 4th Duke of Norfolk who commissioned Thomas Tallis, probably in 1567, to compose his renowned motet in forty voice-parts, " Spem in alium ".
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