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  1. Arriving in Canada, Aliu spoke fluent Ukrainian but no Parkdale.
  2. Aliu was again returned to junior for the 2008 09 season.
  3. Aliu said he didn't know what to expect.
  4. Deji Aliu of Nigeria finished third in 10.10.
  5. Aliu said the uprising had been planned for years with weapons stockpiled.
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  7. Aliu Mahama stood as the running mate of John Kufuor.
  8. On July 20, 2016, Aliu retired from basketball.
  9. Aliu said, pausing briefly before delivering the jab.
  10. Without knowing Swedish, the inadvertent irony escaped Aliu.
  11. His cousin Aliu was also released the next day.
  12. Its first initiator for the forming of this dramatic group was Mr . Bislim Aliu.
  13. In June 2014, Aliu signed a two-year contract with the Cheshire Phoenix.
  14. A cousin of Ajeti, named Aliu, met up with Ajeti to help him.
  15. Aliu said he did not know.
  16. Nigerian Desji Aliu won the men's 100-meter in 10.37 seconds.
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