aliu deji in a sentence

  1. Twin brothers Davidson and Osmond Ezinwa were joined by Paul Egonye and Aliu Deji in the 38.72 performance.
  2. With Nigeria's former world junior champion Aliu Deji also in the frame, a sub-10 second time was expected on a fast track.
  3. Osmond Ezinwa beat fellow Nigerian Aliu Deji in the men's 100 meters, in an impressive 9.94 aided by wind blowing at 5.2 meters per second.
  4. Two Olympic medalists are entered in the 200 : Coby Miller, a member of the U . S . silver medalist 400 relay team, and Aliu Deji, part of Nigeria's bronze medal squad in the 400.
  5. In the evening and with a slight tailwind, 19-year-old Lewis-Francis had 10.13, followed by former junior world champion Aliu Deji of Nigeria ( 10.16 ), then Chambers ( 10.17 ).
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  7. 100-Meter Dash-1, Leroy Burrell, United States, 10.10.2, Davidson Ezinwa, Nigeria, 10.18.3, Aliu Deji, Nigeria, 10.20.4, Carlos Berlanga, Spain, 10.39.5, Manuel Borrega, Spain, 10.49.6, Pedro Pablo Nolet, Spain, 10.51.

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