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  1. The environmentalists feared damage to marine ecosystem by an artificial algal bloom.
  2. The algal bloom can reduce underwater visibility to a meter or less.
  3. This can cause an increase in primary productivity, resulting in algal blooms.
  4. It is 7 12 feet deep, and can have large algal blooms.
  5. Possible causes were a virus, a bacteria or a toxic algal bloom.
  6. It's difficult to find algal bloom in a sentence.
  7. Would feeding plants 3-phosphoglycerate work, or would it just trigger algal blooms?
  8. Marine scientists said the 1993 algal blooms accompanied an El Nino weather pattern.
  9. Then there are those persistent algal blooms in the western bay.
  10. He has called for action against toxic algal blooms in south Florida waters.
  11. I can't use phosphate buffers for organic acids because they encourage algal blooms.
  12. The water is nutritionally poor but is periodically enriched, resulting in algal blooms.
  13. The links between fish farming and harmful algal blooms, " are completely unsubstantiated,"
  14. Not all algal blooms are dense enough to cause water discolouration.
  15. The most common aquatic plant of Driedmeat Lake is a blue-green algal bloom.
  16. These microalgae are not associated with sewage but occur unpredictably as algal blooms.
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