algae in a sentence

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  1. Time after time, she said, the algae was destroyed.
  2. Arlington's water is treated with chloramine to prevent algae.
  3. The influx of food makes the icebound population of algae explode.
  4. Can blue-green algae and Ginkgo biloba be far behind?
  5. So we went back down the food chain to the algae.
  6. It's difficult to find algae in a sentence.
  7. The pond itself provides their food in the form of algae.
  8. A . : The ocean, surely, with the algae.
  9. For most water gardeners, a bigger concern is algae growth.
  10. "I don't actually dislike algae,"
  11. Oysters, clams and shellfish rest on a bed of algae.
  12. Finally, about that mold and algae ( Question 4 ).
  13. If the algae do not return, the corals can die.
  14. The water in the small dip pool is colored with algae.
  15. Or you can wipe down the sides with an algae pad.
  16. The tides also bring the bacteria and algae the shellfish eat.
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