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  1. Akurgal graduated in 1931 from German was still unmistakably tainted with Berlinerisch.
  2. Akurgal proposed the construction of a special museum building in Sinop to hold the numerous artifacts.
  3. His work and legacy is being carried on by his wife, Meral Akurgal, an accomplished archaeologist herself and his closest assistant in his lifetime.
  4. Piece of inlay made of nacre, inscribed with the name of Akurgal, son of Ur-Nanshe of Lagash ( currently in the Louvre)
  5. Settled in 0zmir since the seventies to pursue his work on the nearby sites with more effectiveness, Akurgal died on November 1, 2002 in 0zmir.
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  7. Ekrem Akurgal wrote, " the Anatolian princes used scribes knowing Assyrian for commerce with Mesopotomia as at Kanesh ( K黮tepe ) " to conduct business with Assyria.
  8. A joint team of German and Turkish archaeologists, led by Ludwig Budde and Ekrem Akurgal, carried out excavations in the center of Sinop and at Kocag鰖 Tumulis in Demircik鰕 between 1951 and 1953.
  9. The ruins are situated within the modern-day village and the site was explored in depth in the 1960s by Professor Ekrem Akurgal, leading to valuable discoveries, but has since been somewhat neglected.
  10. The presence of a vineyard of 0zmir's Wine and Beer Factory on this hill, also called Tepekule, prevented the urbanization of the site and facilitated the excavations that started in the 1960s by Ekrem Akurgal.
  11. The archaeological site was discovered by Ekrem Akurgal in 1950, and its exploration has been pursued on land and underwater since 1979 by an international team and many of the artifacts discovered are currently on display in 0zmir Archaeology Museum.
  12. "' Ekrem Akurgal "'( March 30, 1911  November 1, 2002 ) was a Bayrakl1 h鰕黭, the original site of the city of Smyrna before the city's move to another spot across the Gulf of 0zmir ).
  13. A few of the names from the Lagash rulers listed below may be made out, including : Enhengal, Lugal-sha-engur, Ur-Nanshe, Akurgal, Eannatum, En-anna-tum I, Entemena, Enanatum II, Enentarzid, Lugalanda, and Urukagina.
  14. Following the hegemony of Mesannepada of Ur, Ur-Nanshe succeeded Lugal-sha-engur as the new high priest of Lagash and achieved independence, ( making himself the first king of an independent Lagash during the ED III . ) Ur-Nanshe was succeeded by his son Akurgal.

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