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  1. Pilot : Both of them ( airspeed indicators ) are wrong.
  2. Pull the airspeed ( reduce speed ), we will see.
  3. The ports monitor air pressure and help track altitude and airspeed.
  4. The airspeed will usually decrease slightly as a result of this.
  5. The aircraft was below the glideslope and below the desired airspeed.
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  7. This error in indicated altitude and airspeed is called position error.
  8. As the aircraft descended to above ATL, its airspeed dropped.
  9. The Fw 190 was on its back, with little airspeed.
  10. The 757 has three airspeed indicators, each with a separate display.
  11. We kept that interval steady by flying at precise airspeeds.
  12. He increased airspeed to 110 mph and soon saw the English coast.
  13. As airspeed increases, the system allows less and less rudder movement.
  14. Roman said the robot would be used to recover the airspeed indicators.
  15. He's having a hard time maintaining his airspeed.
  16. Launching a glider gives it the initial forward airspeed to start flying.
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