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  1. Customs Service radar indicated that Basulto did enter Cuban airspace then.
  2. Also, planes were rerouted around the center's airspace.
  3. _Bulgaria agreed to allow NATO to freely cross its airspace.
  4. to operate our aircraft in international airspace, that really is a
  5. Another controller said : " They dove into the airspace.
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  7. But elsewhere, airlines resumed an edgy return to US airspace.
  8. The trickiest question involved the airspace over the Statue of Liberty.
  9. Buchanan Field Airport in Concord falls just outside the restricted airspace.
  10. Washington insists the intrusion into North Korean airspace was an accident.
  11. Ito has restricted airspace to keep news helicopters from hovering overhead.
  12. Greece and Turkey have longstanding disputes over control of Aegean airspace.
  13. Peru also claimed an Ecuadorean air force plane violated Peruvian airspace.
  14. Basulto said none of the three planes had violated Cuban airspace.
  15. The United States says the planes were downed in international airspace.
  16. Cuba says it shot the planes down inside its own airspace.
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