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  1. RNP AR flight procedures introduced by Airways New Zealand in 2012, allowed jet aircraft to fly very precise paths in a range of weather conditions, improving airspace capacity and operational efficiency.
  2. Drawbacks of this solution include very limited airspace capacity to do this, especially in Europe and North America and increased fuel burn because jet aircraft are less efficient at lower cruise altitudes.
  3. Reduced Vertical Separation Minima ( RVSM ) reduces the vertical separation above FL 290 to 1, 000 ft . This allows aircraft to safely fly more optimum routes, gain fuel savings and increase airspace capacity by adding new flight levels.
  4. "It is refreshing to see a CEO be articulate in what needs to happen to increase airport capacity, " she said, adding that other solutions include perhaps increasing " airspace capacity " by revising current standards for keeping planes five miles apart, as well as using new technologies that enable closer takeoffs and landings.
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