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  1. Between 11 August 2004 and 1 June 2013 the headquarters of NATO's Allied Air Component Command in the south, formerly known as AIRSOUTH, was located in 0zmir.
  2. Allied Land Forces Southern Europe ( LANDSOUTH ), Allied Naval Forces Southern Europe ( NAVSOUTH ), and Allied Air Forces Southern Europe ( AIRSOUTH ) were all established in Italy.
  3. LANDSOUTH was under the command of AFSOUTH in Naples and supported by the Allied Air Forces Southern Europe's ( AIRSOUTH ) Fifth Allied Tactical Air Force ( 5 ATAF ) in Vicenza.
  4. C鰉ert served as a Training Officer, Operations Officer, and Squadron Commander at different bases until accredited to assume the duty of his new post between 1985 and 1988 at the AIRSOUTH NATO Headquarters in Naples, Italy.
  5. And always pay for advance-purchase tickets with a credit card _ if an airline suddenly shuts down, as AirSouth did last August, you won't have to stand in line with other creditors for a refund.
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  7. After his service as an instructor in the Air War College, Babaolu was assigned to the Plans and Policy Division as a branch chief in NATO's AIRSOUTH Headquarters in Naples, Italy, where he served from 1985 to 1988.
  8. The first AIRSOUTH commander became U . S . Major General David M . Schlatter, USAF . On 14 October 1953, the Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force was also established in Izmir, commanded by Major General R . E . L . Easton, USAF, and responsible to Allied Air Forces Southern Europe for the air defence of Greece and Turkey.

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