airsoft replica in a sentence

  1. Tokyo Marui's airsoft replicas were made primarily from J ) depending on the model.
  2. The company also produces airsoft replicas.
  3. For transporting, the airsoft replica must be unloaded and secured from public view ( transportation bag ).
  4. All guns used in the film were Airsoft replicas, to avoid the costs associated with having to deal with firearms.
  5. Airsoft replicas of real scopes are commonly made available for sale at a much lower price ( sometimes thousands of dollars less ).
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  7. Some events have occurred that are perceived as endangering the continuity of the hobby, such as some robberies in which airsoft replicas were used.
  8. More recently however, advances in airsoft replica authenticity and function have led numerous law enforcement and military units using them to train in CQB / CQC environments.
  9. Rice's gun was later found to be an Airsoft replica that lacked the orange safety feature marking it as a replica and not a true firearm.
  10. All airsoft guns have to be transported concealed in a bag, in a trunk, etc . It is legal to buy, possess and sell airsoft replicas.
  11. However, the similarity between genuine firearms and airsoft replicas is close enough to provoke interaction with law enforcement personnel if an airsoft gun is mistaken for its real counterpart.
  12. Airsoft replicas were only removed from the firearms category with the 2006 firearms act; prior to that there was no lower muzzle energy limit before an item was classifiable as a firearm.
  13. Although airsoft replicas are not clearly regulated under Chilean gun law, modifying toy guns to use real ammunition and carrying an unconcealed weapon in a public area is illegal and punishable by law.
  14. Airsoft skirmishing has been granted a specific defense against the requirements of the act, and a skirmisher as defined under British law is allowed to sell, import and manufacture airsoft replicas, and convert them into RIFs.
  15. It is also possible for a member of an insured reenactment society or the film or television industry to purchase an Airsoft replica ( this is a full exemption from, and not a defense against, the VCRA ).
  16. Airsoft guns may only have a power under two joules ( 464 fps with 0.2g bb's ), otherwise they are no longer qualified as airsoft replicas but firearms and owners should follow the French weapons law ( dated 2013 ).
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