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  1. My uncle was a 22-year-old airplane mechanic.
  2. He was an airplane mechanic at Kelly Air Force Base.
  3. He worked as an airplane mechanic with the French military.
  4. Yod worked as an airplane mechanic with the French military.
  5. As a teenager, he worked alongside airplane mechanics, repairing engines.
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  7. The track was opened in 1949 by Jim McConnell, an airplane mechanic.
  8. He was an airplane mechanic stationed in Alaska,
  9. Scossa, an airplane mechanic, said in a telephone interview from Locarno, Switzerland.
  10. They said they were pilots, or airplane mechanics, or students, or tourists.
  11. He also briefly worked as an airplane mechanic at the Billings, Montana municipal airport.
  12. Prospector is a retired airplane mechanic named Bob Boellner, although nobody ever calls him that.
  13. Gonzalez studied to be an airplane mechanic at a community college before turning to boxing fulltime.
  14. Behind him, are a legion of electronics technicians, airplane mechanics, metal workers and engineers.
  15. The airplane mechanics intervened and explained that his loss of the wing was accidental, not intentional.
  16. In this rival profile, the bomber suspect was characterized as a blue-collar airplane mechanic.
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