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  1. In April 1948, Reeve Aleutian Airways was granted a temporary, five-year airline certificate.
  2. "The department rarely revokes airline certificates, " said Rodney Slater, the transportation secretary, in a statement.
  3. As 2015 ended, subsidiary Shuttle America began to transfer aircraft, flight attendants, and pilots over to the Republic Airlines certificate.
  4. HeartLand recently added James Hooser as vice president for regulatory compliance to help HeartLand Chief Operating Officer Dennis Crabtree apply to the Federal Aviation Administration for an airline certificate.
  5. Additionally, Republic Airways Holdings also announced it would begin to phase out the Q-400 flying on the Republic Airlines certificate, with the final Q-400 flight taking place on March 31, 2016.
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  7. The second inspection coincides with the transfer of Emery's airline certificate _ and the responsibility for inspecting Emery _ from an FAA district office in San Jose, Calif ., to Cincinnati.
  8. A promotional film produced for the company in the 1960s stated that in 1946 the federal Civil Aeronautics Board ( CAB ) granted the first regional airline certificate to West Coast Airlines as local service air carrier.
  9. "There is the appearance a regulated party is exerting undo influence into personnel matters of the FAA through actively seeking derogatory information from their employees against FAA inspectors assigned to the Alaska Airlines certificate, " a security investigator wrote.
  10. Hotel Reservations Network, a free discount hotel booking service, has a Valentine promotion for New York, San Francisco and Chicago that provides accommodations beginning at $ 65 a night with an upgrade to a suite in many cases, and airline certificates good for up to $ 180 off air fare to 70 US destinations.

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