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  1. Instead, many short-notice travelers rely on hidden city fares or other airline booking ploys.
  2. The CRS is the computer system which travel agents use for making airline bookings.
  3. Crowds camped out near a McDonalds, working their mobile phones to make hard-to-get airline bookings.
  4. Crowds camped out near a McDonald's, working their mobile phones to make hard-to-get airline bookings.
  5. In addition a Pakistan International Airlines booking office is in Suite 805 at 3730 Kirby Drive.
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  7. The discussions have covered a wide variety of topics, from airline bookings to world oil supplies.
  8. Starting in 1946, American Airlines developed a number of automated airline booking systems known as "'Reservisor " '.
  9. The signs of consumer hesitation on spending, including weak airline bookings and electronic sales, are very worrisome, he said.
  10. ComScore's data showed a 48 percent decline in online airline bookings the week after the Sept . 11 attack.
  11. The same technology can also be used to serve advertising on airline booking confirmation emails, itinerary emails and pre-departure reminders.
  12. The agreement also is expected to allow revenue-sharing arrangements for airlines booking flights for passengers on other carriers in other countries.
  13. As a result, airline bookings tumbled roughly 40 percent, hurting hotels, restaurants, convention centers and other businesses that depend on travelers.
  14. Turkish and other airline booking sites commonly refer to this airport as "'Lefko _ a ( Nicosia ) Airport " '.
  15. Lee said airline bookings have fallen to just 10 percent of his agency's business, down from 60 percent just three years ago.
  16. Airline bookings online went to 28 percent from 13 percent, and online car rentals were up to 19 percent from 9 percent.
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